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Workout Meals

Workout meals is a progressive standout ready meals company, cutting through a competitive marketplace they stand out for all the right reasons.

The gap in the marketplace they fill is related to calorie-controlled but delicious meals for those seeking to improve their overall health and fitness. 

Workout meals came to seedcreative as they knew they needed to up their look and do something a little different to compete with their major competitors.


They had previously used labels but knowing in today’s market packaging & presentation is everything, they needed something new. They wanted a custom sleeve that had a bit of shape. The shape needed to work alongside the new logo and brand. 


“We want something that is fresh with a bit of grit”


To achieve this look we made the cut out sharp, strong and in the shape of the 'W & M" icon. The dark rough background enhanced the hard grit feel that you go through when working out and enhance the vibrant, fresh, healthy meals.

The sleeve also had to be versatile to show two size meals and this why we placed the option on the side so the customer knows which size meal it is.


Work we completed:

Brand Identity | Packaging Design | Print

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Almond and Feta Chicken with sweet potat
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