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Fast Fuel

Fast fuel Meals are a fast-growing ready meal company, whose meals stand out for being; clean and healthy.

Always following their key pillars of quality, handmade and fresh these meals provide the balanced diet in the Chef selected meal plans on offer.


SeedCreative were given the opportunity to redesign the Fast Fuel brand to represent their meals and who they are. Everything is used with fresh ingredients and it's fast, healthy and convienent. To represent energy, fast and freshness of food we decided to go with vibrant colours like the ingredients. Everything we eat that is healthy is not just green, you have the colours of the rainbow when it comes to fresh ingredients. Also, the bright colours are to represent energy and vibrance. The brush strokes are to represent the fast movement when making a brushstroke.

When design the sleeve it needed to be shaped to the container but also allow to show the food as one of the main points for fast fuel is to showcase the presentation of the food when it's placed in the container.

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